Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Teaching on a Theatresaurus Course

When starting my journey last year teaching on Theatresaurus's speech and drama course, I was, it had to be said, a little sceptical. Having taught many workshops and held many auditions I had the preconception this sort of training churned out an actor with no truth to their work and no chance to be an individual.

How wrong I was, Ros' summer courses allow for fun, creativity and learning and see the young people take an examination at the end. They can choose whether to devise or use a script, but either way they have a solid drama training to reach that point and a lot of laughs. 

The use of the exam system gives them an end goal to work to in the ten days and means that we can always bring their practise round to the examination. 

It made me realise that in taking these exams the young people are able to work on all the skills I would apply to, for example, a National Youth Theatre training. They can play to their strength as devisers, or specialiser in naturalism, Shakespeare, or contemporary. They learn team building skills, how to have ideas, how to let ideas go, and how it will all come together in the end! 

They have fun, gain great skills, and make new friends!

I highly recommend! 

Katy Weir 

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